Keyon Harrold

Date: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022

Genre: Jazz/Blues/R&B/Hip-Hop

“Keyon Harrold is the future of the trumpet”- Wynton Marsalis

An inventive, multidisciplinary, genre-fluid artist; trumpeter and vocalist; a composer, arranger, and platinum music producer; bandleader and major recording artist (The Mugician-Sony)

“Keyon Harrold Is Equal Parts Music” – Billboard

Musically, Harrold lives by the notion that the only thing that identifies a genre is its beat.  That belief has allowed Harrold to tear down the walls of the genre to roam music freely. There are only 12 notes, so he pours his soul into every musical situation, be it performing live, recording, or composing for television and film.

“Keyon Harrold carries a natural swagger that is not misplaced: he’s a compelling communicator and commanding trumpeter.” The magic of his performance is the accomplishment of a quintet that resonates as both accomplished and raw, the seeking of new challenges…” -Love Supreme Festival.

Harrold’s career is a spectrum of greatness. From touring and recording with Jay-z and Cirque Du Soleil to being signed by legendary Rapper Nas (Mass Appeal) and writing the theme song for The Queen Latifah’s Show. 

Harrold is a first-call artist with feature credits with Keith Richards, Black Pumas, Mac Miller (Stay), and Nas (The Jarreau of Rap) and Harrold’s latest collaboration with UK crooner Samm Henshaw ( Still Broke).
Keyon is a frequent collaborator with YEBBA, Robert Glasper, Maxwell, Common, PJ Morton, and Gregory Porter.

Harrold is the new Artistic Advisor for Jazz St.Louis until 2024 and is currently hard at work scoring two films.
He is an activist for social justice and equality. 

Look for new original music and content from Keyon in fall 2022.

Details & Info

Field Stage @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm