Date: Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

Genre: R&B / Hip-Hop


My career path started off at a young age. Growing up listening to what my brother, sister, and parents enjoyed ignited my desire to fulfill a career in the music industry. I grew up listening to a mix of music; R&B, pop, rap — During my youth I attended a performing arts school, this was a gateway for me to explore the path of entertainment & music. Without the experience and eduction I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

One of my biggest inspirations in life that lead the way and showed me over and over again that anything is possible was and still is the influence of my parents. Leaving Vietnam in 1980 fleeing the Vietnam war, they immigrated through multiple refugee camps and Saint Louis ended up being home. Hard work, drive, dedicated and success is what I grew up seeing from them. They opened up the first Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant, Mai Lee Restaurant, a local staple in the city. The restaurant was built from absolutely nothing but they ended up becoming the blueprint. Watching them work hard towards their dreams gave me the hustle and grit to pursue my dreams.

As I watched my parents work and succeed, I aligned with those morals and did the same with my career. Working towards building my dreams and pushing them into reality everyday. In 2016 my first hit single “Low Key” was released and played in over 40+ markets with a collective audience of 7.5 million. After that, I knew music was my dream. Keeping up on social media, booking shows, planning my video shoots/photoshoots and more. 

The music I create today is inspired by the things I hear today, grew up listening to and my life experiences. Finding that happy medium through emotion and melodic beats. Whether you are getting ready, going through a tough time, or just solely want to jam out, my music carries that energy. 

My newest album, “FRIENDZ”, releasing summer 2022 is inspired by all of my friends, family and my experiences. To me, my friends, hold a close place in my heart and become family; a little part of me. I am so excited to share this album along with the stories of the special people in my life. Music is such a release for me and I am so grateful I’m able to share my passion with everyone. It’s really helped me open up and become one with myself. 

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