Date: Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023

Genre: R&B / Hip-Hop

Root Mod is a St. Louis-based R&B band capable of shifting from soul and funk to hip-hop, and jazz. They’re fronted by the electric songstress, Bianca Fitzpatrick. Established by their highly energized live show, the group has a handful of independent releases of songs like “Love Language”,“Perish” and “Let Love Live” featuring artist, MC, Gregory Fitzpatrick Jr. formerly known as Ithinkitsbbbp. The group has performed their original act at many concerts, festivals and events private and public such as the Official 2020 NHL All-Star Game Afterparty, Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR Cup Series, Whitaker Festival, Q in the Lou, Music at the Intersection, STL Fest, Fair Saint Louis, Cardinals Care Redbird Rookies Jazz and Blues Program, and many more. The band took shape in the summer of 2017 after siblings Daniel Fitzpatrick II, Bianca Fitzpatrick, and their cousins Greg Fitzpatrick (Ithinkitsbbp) and Thomas Paden, along with a friend and fellow musician Peter Plank (Heartcave) decided to meet up to play, arrange and write songs in the basement of the parents of Bianca and Daniel. What started as a casual project infusing their own unique personalities into upbeat covers, immediately resulted in the band setting their focus on producing and writing original content. The group’s founders are primarily all family members and come from a rich musical heritage. This musical heritage is what motivated the group to embark on their collective musical journey together.

“Our parents raised us in an environment that encouraged musical freedom and growth. Many years down the line as we all moved away, went off to school, traveled, and kicked our lives off… we found ourselves back in our native city but this time in collaboration for one common and consistent goal– to share our love for God and communicate that through the language of music with others and for others.” -Bianca and Daniel Fitzpatrick II

Though a long list of musicians have lent their talents to Root Mod over a short time, the band currently consist of vocalist Bianca Fitzpatrick, musical director and keyboardist Daniel Fitzpatrick II, keyboardist and drummer Thomas Paden, guitarist Peter Plank, drummer Robert Reavling, saxophonist Jawwaad Spann, bassist Shawn Pavey, trumpeter Brady Lewis and percussionist Isaac Johnston. Previous members of Root Mod include bassist Landon King, bassist Logan Detering, bassist Kevin King Jr., and artist and MC, Ithinkitsbbp.

Root Mod is not only marked by their talent, collaboration and original flair, but the fresh vibe they exude is built on their freedom of expression, humility and authenticity. They are excited and alive—but also knowingly in repair with a story to tell. They allow themselves to move freely through moods, sounds, and ideas, thus making use of the full spectrum of human experience. The group is preparing to release their debut album in 2023.

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