Lady J Tribute Artist Image

Date: Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023

Genre: Jazz/Blues

In giving honor to the Rock ‘n Roll and Blues Hall of Famer, Albert King, Lady J Huston Presents: The Albert King Alumni Tribute Show!  Originally hailing from Mississippi, King moved to East St. Louis in 1956 and became a staple of the St. Louis Blues music scene for the better part of a decade. He later moved to Memphis, but he continued to return to St. Louis for years, bringing his string-bending guitar technique, soulful voice, and dynamic stage presence with him. Lady J Huston, who toured with King as a Trumpeter, Vocalist, and Music Director, has assembled an impressive lineup of alumni musicians to form this band. They will pay tribute to the acclaimed—and famously demanding—musician, performing King’s greatest hits which propelled him to being one of the most influential guitarists in the history of Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and Soul music!

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