Date: Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

Genre: DJ

Pajmon Porshahidy, aka Umami, is a St. Louis-based Producer, DJ, and Audio Engineer. On the scene since 2018, he is known for lively house sets that aim at bringing love and compassion to the dance floor. He smoothly mixes elements from Deep House, Techno, Disco, while serving his abundance of energy towards the crowd.

Umami has a strong love for his hometown of St. Louis, where he holds multiple residencies across the city. With a lot of hard work, he has recently begun traveling more for gigs across the country. His production isn’t bound by one genre. From producing electronic/dance tracks for artists like Morganne, to producing hip-hop/indie/house tracks for Noah Fence, Umami is invested in appreciating all types of music. Working in a record shop has promoted his love of multitudes of genres and an addiction for collecting records. Additionally, Umami is part of Materia, a diverse collective of like-minded artists that throw one of the best monthly parties/raves in St. Louis. Currently he is working on new music, playing saxophone, and putting out several releases before the end of the year.

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