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9 am – 10 am – SV123

Revealing the Saint Louis Music Ecosystem: Insights from Sound Diplomacy Report

Rob Hain and Caitlin Buckley of Sound Diplomacy will present the findings of the Sound Diplomacy Report


10 am – 11 am – SV123

Sound Diplomacy Panel hosted in conjunction with the Regional Arts Commission

Panelists: Reid Wick– Recording Academy’s New Orleans-based Membership & Industry Relations representative, Richard “Sleepy” Floyd– Musician and  Founder, Board Chairman of the Indy Music Co-Op, Michael DonovanExecutive Director, Missouri Arts Council


11:15 am – SV123 

Opening Remarks

Eric Rothenbuhler (Dean, School of Communications; Webster University)


11:30 am-12:20 pm – SV123

Modern Music Business

Chris Bianchi (President; Legend Recordings, CB Entertainment) 

Moderator: Jeff Nations

Chris Bianchi covers the day-to-day of the modern music industry from an artist and industry perspective, looking into branding, marketing, releasing, merchandising, and touring. 



Instagram: @chrisbianchi1


12-12:50 pm – SV112 

Merch Madness: A Modern Approach To A Sustainable Merchandise Income Stream

Jon Beeby (Founder; By Jack)

A step-by-step guide to developing a strategy to get ahead in the merch game. understand different printing techniques to make the right choice for you and your creative venture.


Instagram: @byjack


12:30-1:20 pm – SV123 

Amplify Your Music Across Film, TV, Advertising, Video Games, and Beyond!

Angel Graham (Founder; earWAV)

In this session, Angel Graham will break down what music sync licensing is, how to create music for sync purposes, the benefits it provides for songwriters and businesses, and how to get your songs placed in media.



Instagram: @earWAVmusic, @Skiddalz

1-1:50 pm – SV112

Music Business & Legal Crash Course

Robynn Ragland (Counsel; Lathrop GPM)

Attorney and musician Robynn Ragland will provide a fast-paced overview of LLCs, band partnership agreements, recordkeeping for taxes, putting agreements in writing, and the difference between trademark and copyright. Co-presented with St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts (VLAA).

Instagram: @stlvlaa

1:30-2:20 pm – SV123

21st Century Digital Boy: Living & Working As A Musician In 2023

Jeff Nations (Musician, Composer; Play Pretty Productions, JB Crockett, Proud Larry)

Nationally-touring musician and entrepreneur Jeff Nations explains what it takes to establish yourself and your brand and how to thrive and sustain as a musician in an ever-changing, 21st century landscape.


TikTok, Instagram, You Tube: @jeffnations



2-2:50 pm – SV112

Online Entrepreneurship & Branding For Creatives

Julia Griffey (Associate Professor, Webster University)

Barry Smith (Assistant Professor; Webster University)

Griffey and Smith talk about tools and online business opportunities for creatives, and how to establish and market your brand.

2:30-3:20 pm – Studio A 

Mastering Audio & Deliverables For Streaming Services 

Jacob Detering (Founder; Red Pill Entertainment)

Learn valuable information about mastering and file requirements necessary for submission to Tune Core, Apple, Distrokid, and other digital distribution services.



3-3:50 pmSV123

Unlocking The Maker Mindset: Turning Your Creativity Into A Career

Jeremy Corray (Executive Vice President; Coolfire Media)

MeNonca MJ Johnson (Producer, PR, Marketing; Covenant Syndication)

Demetrius Neal (Photographer; Demetrius Neal Photography)

Kelly Manno (Content Creator; @kellymanno)

Coolfire StudiosEVP of Digital Entertainment Jeremy Corray hosts a panel of engaging content creators as they share insights into how they were able to transition their passions from photography, comedy, and music videos into a full-time job while building their own brands. 


Instagram, TikTok, X: @coolfirestudios

3:30-4:20 pm – SV112

Harmonizing The Future: How AI Is Messing With The Rhythm 

Julie Smith (Instructor & International Facilitator; Webster University) 

In this forward-looking session, we unpack the ways in which AI is harmonizing with the music industry, posing challenges, igniting innovation, and fostering a dialogue about the ever-evolving relationship between technology and art.


X, Instagram: @julnilsmith



When arriving at Sverdrup Hall at Webster University, please park in the parking garage on Garden Ave. There is a short walk to Sverdrup Hall which is building #27 on the map below.


Sverdrup Hall @ Webster University

8300 Big Bend Blvd.

Webster Groves, MO 63119



8:30 AM | Theater | Arch Grants presents “SHECONOMY”

Gabe Angieri / Executive Director of Arch Grants / MODERATOR

Whitney Gregory / Founder & CEO of Eemerg

Danielle Deavens / Co-Founder & COO of Bold Xchange

Samantha Rudolph / Co-Founder & CEO of Babyation

Erica Barnell / Co-Founder & CSO of Geneoscopy

9:15 AM | 4th Floor Ballroom | A.I. in the Arts – What’s Next?

John Launius / Author, Speaker, Media Expert / MODERATOR

Ayesha Mubarak Ali / Co-Founder of Metavisionaries

Ed Morissey / Founder, Integrity

Sam J. Cummings / Founder, Data Plant

10:00 AM | Theater | Creative Factories: Killer work coming out of the top marketing shops 

John Launius / Author, Speaker, Media Expert / MODERATOR

Mike Spakowski / Partner & Creative Director at Atomic Dust

Mike Franklin / Executive Creative Director at FUSE

Jeff Insco / Co-Founder, President, Executive Creative Director at UPBrand

Nick Walden / Executive Creative Director at Elasticity 

Gretchen Werremeyer / President & CEO at Werremeyer Creative 

10:45 AM | 4th Floor Ballroom | Connecting in the Music Industry

Asha Hornaday / CEO Slay City Events / PANELIST

Tom Pernikoff / CEO & Co-Founder at Tunespeak / MODERATOR

Alonzo Townsend / Founder of The Townsendx3 Agency

Barbara Graham J.D.

11:30 AM | Theater | How to make money as a creative entrepreneur

Sam Foxman / President of Evntiv / MODERATOR

Carlos Zamora / Owner / Chief Creative Officer at CARTEL

Cbabi Bayoc / Visual Artists, speaker and activist 

Cheree Berry / Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Cheree Berry Paper

David Steward II / CEO at Lionforge

1:00 PM | 4th Floor Ballroom | Examining freedom of speech in the arts

Sarah Fenske / Executive Editor at Euclid Media Group / MODERATOR 

Dr. Donald Suggs / Publisher & Executive Editor St. Louis American

Mvstermind / Musician, performer and Director of Musical Experience for St. Louis SC

Miya Norfleet / Documentary filmmaker, communications professional, and Producer at St. Louis Public Radio

Tef Poe / Rapper, Musician and activist

2:00 PM | Theater | Recording Academy Panel 

Reid Wick / Membership & Industry Relations at the Recording Academy

Panelists to be announced

2:45 PM | 4th Floor Ballroom | Content Creators Roundtable – How to leverage Podcasts, TikTok and Instagram to build your brand

Chelsea Haynes / On Air Host at KTVI FOX 2 / MODERATOR 

Matt Hall / Co-Founder & President at Hill Investment Group

Chris Denman / Midcoast Media

Morgan Casey / Owner, Date ideas and Things to Do

Braden Tewolde / Creative Marketing Strategist, Social Media Influencer, Podcast Host (Ope Cast)

3:30 PM | Theater | Building an Empire of TASTE

Allyson Mace / Publisher/ Founder of Sauce Magazine / MODERATOR 

David Kirkland / Owner and Chef at Turn

Ben Poremba / Owner of Begelina Hospitality Group

Loryn Nalic / Owner & Chef at Balkan Treat Box

Katie Collier / Owner Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria & Katie’s Frozen Foods

4:15 PM | 4th Floor Ballroom | “My Art, My Life” with Dave Giles II

Adrian O. Walker / Mixed Media Artist & Photographer / MODERATOR

Dave Giles II / Grammy Award Winning Artist & Entrepreneur

On Thursday, September 7, Webster University School of Communications will host a series of artist development workshops specifically targeted toward emerging musicians and those pursuing (or interested in pursuing) a career in the music industry.

On Friday, September 8., creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all industries (music, art, tech) are encouraged to attend the professional development portion of Intersessions, which will feature a heavy-hitting roster of influencers from the worlds of music, art, technology, and business participating in a highly curated schedule of panel discussions and presentations.

Beginning June 23, 2023, those interested in attending Intersessions can RSVP at www.musicattheintersection.org/intersessions or directly at www.MetroTix.com (or by phone at 314-534-1111). There will be individual tickets for each workshop/panel. Attending the conference is FREE. However, there will be a small ticket processing fee at sign-up.


On Thursday, September 7, Intersessions’ Webster University Workshops will dive into topics relevant to musicians and those pursuing (or interested in pursuing) a career in the music industry. Discussions will be led by faculty, friends, and alumni of Webster University School of Communications, including Chair of the Audio Aesthetics & Technology Department (and Grammy-nominated music producer), Carl Nappa.

Intersessions’ Webster University Workshops will cover the topics of:

  • Merchandising and sales
  • Marketing and publicity for artists
  • Mastering and deliverables for uploading your music online
  • Music business education

“During last year’s workshops, we were able to offer music industry insights to artists who were just starting or in the beginning part of their career,” said Nappa. “Typically they’d have to self-educate or wade through a ton of information online. However, we were able to surround them with real-world experts and, in a single day, get them further along their chosen paths. These workshops are all about sharing resources and capacity building for the St. Louis music scene. For 2023, the topics are different, so we hope to see returning attendees, as well as new faces.”


Also on Thursday, September 7 at Intersessions, Kranzberg Arts Foundation and the Regional Arts Commission will host a special event to discuss the results of a multi-year St. Louis “music audit.” Conducted in collaboration with Sound Diplomacy, a global organization specializing in understanding a city’s unique music economy, the study assesses the impact of music on the St. Louis region (economic output, job creation, tourism interest). It also aims to identify opportunities to further enhance St. Louis’ position as a thriving music city through industry advancements and policy changes.

During the event, members of Sound Diplomacy, as well as local music industry leaders and artists, will discuss the study’s findings and focus on how best to utilize the research to drive future growth and development of the St. Louis music scene.

Prior to Intersessions, the findings of Sound Diplomacy’s comprehensive study will be made available to the public.


On Friday, September 8., creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all industries (music, art, tech) are encouraged to participate in the professional development portion of Intersessions, featuring a variety of national and St Louis-based industry leaders.

“When Chris Hansen and I came up with the concept of Intersessions, we knew the community would devour the content,” said Sam Foxman, President of Evntiv. “After the 2022 event, we took time to gather feedback from attendees, panelists, and community members. That feedback helped shape the 2023 lineup with more diversity, more focus on entrepreneurship, and more engagement with the local creative community.”

Intersessions’ professional development panels and presentations will cover the topics of:

  • Arch Grants presents “SHECONOMY,” women founders 
  • Connecting in the music industry
  • A.I. in the arts. What’s next? 
  • Creative factories: killer work from the top marketing shops
  • How to make money as a creative entrepreneur
  • Examining freedom of speech in the arts
  • Recording Academy panel
  • Content creators roundtable: leveraging podcasts, TikTok, and Instagram to build your brand
  • Building an empire of TASTE: top chefs and restaurateurs

Participating panelists are a diverse cohort of musicians, entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders including: 

  • Mvstermind – Musician, performer, and Director of Musical Experience for St. Louis SC
  • Cbabi Bayoc – Visual Artist, speaker, and activist
  • Ben Poremba – Owner of Bengelina Hospitality Group
  • Cheree Berry – Founder, CEO, and Creative Director at Cheree Berry Paper
  • David Steward II – CEO at Lionforge
  • Dr. Donald Suggs – Publisher and Executive Editor of St. Louis American
  • Gabe Angieri – Executive Director of Arch Grants
  • Katie Collier – Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Katie’s Pizza and Pasta
  • Carlos Zamora – Owner and Chief Creative Officer at CARTEL Agency
  • Tef Poe – Rapper, musician, and activist
  • Mike Spakowski – Partner and Creative Director at Atomic Dust
  • Allyson Mace – Publisher and Founder of Sauce Magazine
  • Tom Pernikoff – CEO and Co-Founder at Tunespeak
  • Reid Wick – Membership and Industry Relations at The Recording Academy
  • Matt Hall – Co-Founder and President at Hill Investment Group, author and content creator
  • Samantha Rudolph – Co-Founder and CEO of Babyation
  • John Launius – VP of Nitrous Effect
  • Ayesha Mubarak Ali – Co-Founder of Metavisionaries
  • Mike Franklin – Executive Creative Director at FUSE Marketing
  • Jeff Insco – Co-Founder, President, and Executive Creative Director at UPBrand Agency
  • Whitney Gregory – Founder and CEO of Eemerg
  • Erica Barnell – Co-Founder and CSO of Geneoscopy
  • Ed Morissey – Founder of Integrity
  • Sam Foxman – President and Co-Founder of Evntiv
  • David Kirkland – Owner and Chef at Turn
  • Loryn Nalic – Owner and Chef at Balkan Treat Box

“Tunespeak started in St. Louis, utilizing the city’s close-knit and supportive music community as a proof of concept and eventual springboard to create what is now an international company working with major labels and music’s biggest names,” said Tom Pernikoff. CEO and Co-Founder at Tunespeak, a fan engagement platform. “There were definite benefits to starting in St. Louis, and Tunespeak is proud to still be based here, now adding to the city’s music and tech industries. What we learned, and continue to learn, along the way are now insights to give back and share at Intersessions with burgeoning artists and entrepreneurs.”

“Our membership in St. Louis has tripled over the past several years, and we have more board members from Missouri than ever before,” said Reid Wick, New Orleans-based Sr. Membership and Industry Relations Manager for The Recording Academy. “The city is producing leaders who are in turn sparking its music economy, and it’s being noticed. St. Louis is an important market to The Recording Academy and a place we’re excited to offer our resources, including professional development, networking, music advocacy, and musician wellness – all of which will be showcased as part of Intersessions.”

Intersessions is sponsored by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) of St. Louis, and Evntiv, with support from The Recording Academy and Webster University School of Communications.